Hernandez Family makes final home payment!

Juan Hernandez (left) hands his final house payment check to Jerry Ambris

On August 12th, Juan Hernandez made his final mortgage payment on his Habitat home, handing his final check to NWV Habitat Executive Director Jerry Ambris.

In 1995, Hernandez was a warehouse worker, a soccer coach, a husband, and a father to four children when he moved his family into their newly built home in Woodburn. “I never would have been able to buy my own home without the help of Habitat,” Hernandez said as he smiled and shook hands with members of the Family Selection Committee.

Ambris had quite the surprise last year when he discovered that Hernandez, his childhood soccer coach for over ten years, was a homeowner through NWV Habitat. “I remember he was always able to inspire us, a ragtag team of kids in mismatched uniforms, telling us that while we might not have the same expensive equipment and team vans as our competition, we had heart and that was what mattered,” Ambris said. “It’s rewarding to now make an impact in my community, particularly in the lives of those like the Hernandez family.”

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One Response to Hernandez Family makes final home payment!

  1. Congratulations Juan Hernandez!

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