NWV Habitat needs your help reaching Molalla!

Building in Molalla has long been a goal of North Willamette Valley Habitat for Humanity. With your support, this longtime goal could finally happen as soon as 2012.

Thanks to a generous donation from a private foundation, NWV Habitat has over half the funds it needs to acquire land in Molalla. A recent fundraiser at Molalla Bowl brought in an additional $1,500, all of it to be used toward building affordable housing in Molalla. This is just the beginning of what could be an outpouring of support. “Once things get moving in Molalla – once there’s something tangible and people have something to get their hands on – the community will come together and show their support,” believes NWV Habitat board member and Molalla resident Dennis Houser.

Molalla has been hit by the recent economic downturn. The unemployment rate in Molalla hovers around 10.30 percent – 0.10 percent higher than the national average – while the city has experienced a 5.76 percent net loss of jobs. Since the recession, both of the city’s car dealerships have gone out of business, and although some of the city’s industrial mills remain open, their days of operation often fluctuate, depending on changes in the market. Houser believes many Molalla residents could benefit from affordable housing.

With your help, we can bring NWV Habitat’s mission of decent, affordable housing for hardworking, deserving families to Molalla in the near future. NWV Habitat intends to raise the remaining $22,500 needed to acquire land in Molalla by spring 2012. Please consider making a donation today and assisting this hardworking community in its recovery.

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