Only 5 Days Left to Make a Donation to NWV Habitat Count for the 2010 Tax Year

The Valdez Family

MT ANGEL (Dec 27, 2010) – Did you know that charitable donations must be made by December 31, 2010 in order to qualify for a tax credit in the 2010 tax year?

Visit the NWV Habitat website if you would like to make a one-time donation or if you would like to set up to make an automatic monthly $10 donation.  100% of your contribution will go to fund future builds by NWV Habitat. Click the link below to make a donation:

For those of you on our physical mailing list, just before Thanksgiving you learned about Daniel Valdez, his wife Ana, and their five children who are thankful that they are the next partner family to build a home with NWV Habitat for Humanity.

In the spring of 2011, NWV Habitat hopes to break ground for a new home for the Valdez family. To achieve this goal, we need to raise $40,000 and we are asking for your support.

Daniel, who has worked for Xerox for the past ten years, and Ana currently live in a three-bedroom apartment where overcrowding is a serious issue for their five children. The couple has taken great pride and worked hard to make this small apartment a home for their family but the truth is that they struggle to maintain a feeling of safety and security in a neighborhood known for its gang activity.

Six-year old Caleb, Daniel and Ana’s youngest child, suffers from autism. In Caleb’s earlier years, the family struggled to find a diagnosis for his condition, battling language barriers and immense frustration. Dealing with Caleb’s autism gets easier each year as Daniel and Ana learn more and become better skilled at handling their son’s unpredictable outbursts that are typical for an autistic child. Daniel and Ana’s greatest challenge is educating apartment neighbors who are not always happy when Caleb’s episodes cause excessive noise late at night. The family works overtime to maintain positive neighbor relations to help curb the constant fear of eviction.

Unable to access a conventional home loan, Daniel and Ana have turned to NWV Habitat. In a Habitat house, they will be able to provide their family with the space they need to thrive. They will be able to devote their full energy to Caleb and his development so that he can live a healthy and happy life. With your help, the Valdez family will realize their dream of owning their own home and becoming part of the Habitat family.

Help us build a house with Daniel, Ana, and their children, to create a homeownership opportunity that makes sense for them and creates a permanent solution to poverty housing and an opportunity to create a new life for their family.

So far in the past month we have raised over $16,000 but we are still far from our goal and we are asking you for help. Make a donation by visiting the NWV Habitat website or if things are tight for you as they are for many this season, forward this message to someone you know who might be able to contribute to helping the Valdez family on their journey to homeownership. This holiday, as you gather with family and friends in a warm, safe and secure home, you will be comforted to know that you helped another family realize this same basic need.

Click the link below to make a donation:

Best Holiday Wishes,



Carl B. Menkel

NWV Habitat Board Chair

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